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The Following is a Brief Excerpt From The Doomsday Thriller, End Times Apocalypse


500 miles to the south, Los Angeles also had its share of problems. Its miles of urban sprawl had been transformed into a giant parking lot. Local law enforcement was petty much overwhelmed by the current situation of increasing lawlessness and civil unrest. National Guard troops weren’t due to arrive for another hour or so.
At precisely 5:31 P.M., things took a dramatic turn for the worst when the late evening sky suddenly turned florescent, bathing the entire city in a blinding white light. As the flash of light dissipated, an enormous fireball erupted. It emitted an intense burst of radiant heat as it ascended into the heavens. Everything within a half-mile radius was vaporized. Buildings, cars and people, out to a distance of eight miles, were enveloped in a fiery inferno. The ensuing blast wave flattened everything in its path for a distance of up to 10 miles.
Within seconds of the Los Angeles detonation, San Francisco was rocked by a massive nuclear explosion. It sounded as if the hounds of hell had been unleashed as the blast waves thundered and howled through the towering skyscraper canyons of downtown. Buildings collapsed like match sticks as the blast radiated outward at close to the speed of sound. The Golden Gate and Oakland Bay bridges, twisted and writhed like giant serpents as they bore the full brunt of the merciless onslaught. People, cars and debris were tossed through the air like confetti after being stripped from the bridges roadways. Ultimately, both bridges collapsed and went crashing into the bay, leaving only twisted heaps of metal and concrete protruding above the wildly thrashing waters.
As the blast radiated outward, the surrounding communities of San Rafael, San Mateo, Berkeley and Oakland were devastated. The initial fireball quickly ascended into the upper atmosphere, sucking up tons of dust and debris. When the deafening roar of the explosion finally abated, only remnants of the once majestic city of San Francisco lay smoldering beneath a towering mushroom cloud.

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